Our services are laser focused and geared towards helping you get the next to real-life property evaluation experience that you truly deserve to save you the stress and time.

Virtual 3D Tours

Virtual 3D tours are now a must for every real estate entity. In today’s rapidly changing market, more than 70% of people looking to buy a house or rent a home are doing it online. It is not only extremely frustrating but time consuming when you go for a showing of a property that looks good on listing but no virtual tour or HDR photos to show the layout, the sections, style, colors and other components of the home.

Using 3D technology, we create a complete immersive digital representation of your space. The technology allows you to easily capture and project 3D tours of real-world places with a next-to-real-life effect.

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

As an extension of our 3D Tour services, we provide HDR Photography. At MH3D we understand that it takes years of character to build a home, and a picture is an invitation into the moments that you have allowed us to borrow.  Photography in real estate is quite tricky where the pictorial representation has to deliver a satisfactory sight to all sections and segment of the property. Photographs are intended to serve as a complement to your marketing strategy. We assure you high-quality delivery and satisfactory outputs at the most competitive rate in the market.  You can expect the following:

– Delivery of HDR photos within the given timeframe.
– Offer 3D scanning, schematic floor planning and HDR photos with a one time visit at highly competitive rates.
– Custom services that meet the exact requirements and expectations.

RMS Floor Plans

As an extension of our 3D Tour services we provide Black and White Floor Plans which are measurements that are more than 99% accurate.

You can leverage the one-time visit 3D scanning of your property to have us produce schematic floor plans as they prepared from same measurements and data generated during the creation of your of 3D tour. All plans generated will include specific labels and measurements for all rooms.